Beyond Harvard: Negotiating Win-Win. When They Want You to Lose”

This Master Class is especially designed for up to 25 front-line professionals, all engaged on the front line of persuasion internally with various partners within their organizations and externally with the counterparts in neighboring countries and in international organizations. In a very practical and hands-on session, we would focus on the following objectives, all within the framework of Win-Win Negotiations.


  • This workshop aims first to provide participants with a useful theoretical framework with which to analyze negotiation experience so far, as well as help to introduce tactics and behaviors which are empirically proven to further genuine “Win-Win” outcomes for participants and their clients. These skills will then be further practiced in the context of individual coaching and feedback.
  • Participants can expect to reach a deeper understanding of the importance of negotiation skills to personal and team work success as a key element in their effort to further the long-term interests of the client as a useful complement to traditional analytical and argumentation skills.
  • Participants will also intensively practice proven techniques geared to create negotiation conversations that are truly open and that are most likely to lead to “Win-Win“ outcomes for both parties, especially in the context of dealing with “difficult” clients and opponents.
  • They will be provided with a structured framework or „road map“ to follow during all phases of a negotiations, learning the importance of thorough strategic preparation, open information exchange, skilled bargaining and a close that will ensure appropriate implementation and buy-in.
  • They will come to recognize and evaluate their own natural negotiation style, and thus increase their ability to consciously and systematically alter their behavior in order to improve their own negotiation results.


Module Objectives:

  • Techniques and Psychology of Constructive Negotiation
  • Real World Application
  • Dealing with Difficult People

Module Contents:

  • Case Studies
  • Role plays
  • Inputs
  • Games
  • Feedback
  • Practice, a lot of practice!


Mark Young, Negotiation Expert, RGI President

Dr. Mark Young, the founder of Rational Games, is an independent author, trainer and consultant with many years´ practical and academic experience in the area of negotiation, mediation and conflict management skills. His theoretical work is tempered by practical lessons learned as a negotiator in government (US Department of Commerce) and in the field of corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions in the US and Europe. Mark divides his time between Cambridge, Mass, Washington, DC and Berlin, Germany.

Playful Negotiation for Serious People

As a social business, Rational Games uses playful methods to teach negotiation in order to then support initiatives and individuals that make creative use of games and play to resolve conflict. We measure our success by the amount of time and money that we invest in curating innovative initiatives that make a clear contribution to this mission.

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15 June, Saturday
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3 200 000 UZ Sum
Early- bird rate: 2 600 000 UZ Sum
in case of booking for the training before 15 May 2019


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