Values of our corporate life

Continuous growth and development

The development of staff is a very important part of talent management. Every year we arrange training courses in marketing and advertising, management development for executives, sales managers, and others. Thanks to this, employees can grow and reach new professional heights

We have an internal entrepreneurship program. If one of our employees has a business idea, he or she can prepare a business project and present it to the board of directors, and if approved, new joint projects are born. Examples of that are companies MediTech , GIF3 and UzAuto Leasing (CLG AUTO Leasing), whose managers started working for us some time ago and then decided to open their own business and become our equal partners.

Is it as important for you as it is for us to have opportunities to develop?


Honesty and responsibility 

How important do you think honesty and responsibility are in business?

We think that no organization can do without these values.

Honesty towards oneself, colleagues, management and customers is an important aspect of every company.

At HM Partners, every employee knows that they have a responsibility when making decisions, that those decisions directly or indirectly affect every aspect of the business, from sales and marketing strategies to customer service and the employer’s brand  .


Involvement and working for results

These values are very important to us and influence the performance of the team as a whole.

At HM Partners we get very happy for the achievements of our employees. They are evaluated justly through the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) employee evaluation system, which allows us to make the most productive use of employees’ talents and skills and to identify hidden potential. Employee competencies are also evaluated, the purpose of which is, on the one hand, to determine the human resources available within the company and use them in the most productive way and, on the other hand, to identify hidden talents of employees.

Involvement in HM Partners is always encouraged through a system of gamification or regular nominations of employees – for ideas and initiatives, performing non-standard tasks, stepping out of their comfort zone or applying new skills.


Improving the quality of life

Creating mutually beneficial relationships in the team that bring satisfaction from both the process and the results of the work is another of our values – improving the quality of life.

This value works through goal setting and their achievement, development and motivation programs, decent pay and opportunities to improve the well-being of all HM Partners employees.