New locations

Friends, we hurry to share great news with you.

HM Partners now has a new office and you can easily find us on the ground floor of the ATRIUM business center at 18/1 Aybek street.
Our companies also moved, which helped to get even closer to our clients.

We not only changed the locations of the offices, but also made sure that it became as convenient and comfortable as possible for you. 👍

🚚🚜 Now you can familiarize yourself with all the special equipment, production equipment and cars from our partner companies – Uzbek-Chinese Trading House and Western Production Technologies – in a large showroom located at 7/27 Yangi Sergeli street (before reaching the Sergeli car market, opposite the LADA sales office).

✍️ Here you can also get the necessary advice and arrange leasing by individuals and legal entities in CLG and UzAuto Leasing.

🔬🚑 We offer you to get familirized with our medical equipment from MediTech by the address 40a Yangi Yunusobod street.

❓And you may ask questions related to communications and promotion to the employees of the GIF3 creative agency, which is also located in our administrative office in the ATRIUM business center.

👌 In addition to this, our co-working centers continue to work:
🔸 GroundZero Sergeli co-working center (Sergeli-8, 21A array),
🔸 GroundZero Chilanzar co-working center (50 Bunyodkor avenue),
🔸 GroundZero Kitob Olami co-working center (6-7 Mustakillik avenue)
🔸 GroundZero Olmazor co-working center (1/1 Tarakkiet street, Kora-Kamysh).

We are always glad to see our clients!
Welcome! 🤗