Structural companies

HM Partners is a true example of the team’s success; the group companies consolidated with the integrated system of the corporate values, mission and visions. It’s the partners who see the success of entrepreneurship in the synergy and shared development principles as we do.

Uzbek-Chinese Trading House

The Uzbek-Chinese Trading House is the largest equipment supplier from China to Uzbekistan which is linking local entrepreneurs with the most superior Chinese manufacturers.

It renders a full range assistance to the local entrepreneurs from the idea up to project implementation that comprises a consulting, information search (about technological equipment, raw materials) services, cargo organizing and delivery to Uzbekistan, logistics, insurance, leasing, device testing and commissioning related works and warranty assurance.

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Adress 7/27 Yangi Sirgali str.
Phone +998 (71) 207-33-77
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International Business Travel

International Business Travel (IBT) offers wide range services including arrangement of business trips and tours of any complexity, travel route working out and the most convenient flight options. Plus, IBT provides its clients with full information referring to forthcoming international and local exhibitions and fairs.

Partnership deals with China that is carried out in cooperation with Uzbek-Chinese Trading House is one of the key propriety areas in the company’s business. This partnership is an opportunity for Uzbekistan businesses to visit an array of dedicated exhibitions hosted in China, learn specific nature of manufacturers’ production and administrative operations, select and test necessary equipment on the spot.

On top of that IBT arranges trips to the main partner-countries of Uzbekistan which includes nations in South-East Asia, Middle East, Latin America and the states of European Union.

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Adress 7/27 Yangi Sirgali str.
Phone +998 71 255-60-77, +998 90 924-00-25
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Today CLG offers various organizations and corporates favorable terms of leasing, short-period for document review (in 3 days), minimal document folder including 5 papers and the contracting without a business plan.

During its life-cycle CLG has financed around 290 projects worth 121 billion UZS. More than 242 companies operating in the different spheres of economy have become CLG’s customer.

Various types of special machines which perform wide range production tasks and back leasing are the main objects of a leasing.

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Adress 7/27 Yangi Sirgali str.
Phone +(998 90) 977-12-27, +998 71 200 45 44
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Western Production Technologies

A Western production technologies (WPT) company offers services referred to the equipment and raw materials search and delivery from the best manufacturers in market of Uzbekistan.

Its partnership portfolio allows to supply a customer an equipment of different complexity and target as well as high quality raw materials at favorable prices.
WPT operates in all fields: beginning from production lines up to the ready factories of multiple profile: construction machines, special equipment, raw materials and components.

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Adress 7/27 Yangi Sirgali str.
Phone +998 71 207 33 77
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Texnoplaza Servis Center

It‘s a authorized service center of companies like LONKING, ZOOMLION, PALFINGER SANY, WEICHAI, RM-TEREX, Ivanovets and Everdigm.

It renders the following services to the customers:
• Reception and unloading of the arriving machines to the railway station.
• Before-sale preparation.
• Works related to machines storing on exhibitions sites.
• Transfer a machine to a customer.
• Warranty repair.
• Repair and periodic technical maintenance of a special machines on the client`s destination.
• Repair and technical maintenance of a special machines in terms of specialized service in the territory of the Uzbek-Chinese Trading House.
• Engines’ full repair.
• Delivery and sales of the repair parts directly from the manufacturers’ plants for brands as LONKING, XCMG, SHANTUI, ZOOMLION and so on.
• Oil, hydraulic liquid, filters sales needed for machines’ periodic technical inspection and repair.
• Automobile tyre sales.

To perform related operations the service center owns a necessary service bay and a premises for storing. Plus, it has a service vehicle to carry out works on the customer’s site.

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Adress 35А, Chashtepa str.
Phone +998 90 931 37 77
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GroundZero is:
- a space where any interested person can find a facilitated workplace to rent it from single day up to several months.
- a workplace with creative environment, where people eagerly discuss, develop and implement new ideas.
- a community of successful people.
- a hub to extend networking, knowledge and skills.
- a platform to boost business-projects.

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Adress GroundZero Chilanzar
50, Bunyodkor av.

GroundZero KitobOlami
6-7, Mustaqillik av.

GroundZero Olmazor
1/2, Tarakkiyot (Dilsaroy) str.

GroundZero Sergeli
21А , Sirgali-8
Phone (+99871) 207-00-20
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Aside from equipment delivery MediTech also renders the following integrated services:
- First-time consultancy on the equipment of a client interest;
- A complex designing of medical institutions from the equipment delivery up to its installation, training and post-guarantee maintenance;
- Delivery, installation and proper operation training related to an equipment;
- Warranty and after sales maintenance;
- Assist to register and certificate equipment in the related authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Adress 40а, Yangi Yunusobod str.
Phone +998 90 925 88 22
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GEN Uzbekistan

In 2017 Uzbekistan has become a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN).
It gives opportunity to people to reveal their potential, go international and thus empowering a financial stability of their own companies and state‘s economy.

GEN Uzbekistan mission: To develop entrepreneurship’s ecosystem in Uzbekistan by revealing and accomplishing efficient programs and initiatives directed to upbringing and supporting of Uzbekistan’s enterpreneurs.

The main values and foundations:
- Inspire entrepreneurs and expand opportunities of the community supporting.
- To unite all entities and players devoted to motivate and support enterpreneurs.
- To increase influence on the committed business entities of Uzbekistan and program beneficiary.
- To be cooperative and professional in relations with our partners and with each other.
- To aid to build up ad support an environment where entrepreneurship will flourish.

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Adress Temur Malik street, 146, «TechnoPlaza» IBC
Phone +998712033377
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Batiskaf Consulting

As competitive environment evolves, business must more dynamically invest resources to intensify workforce productivity, cost reduction and job effectiveness. And in this race the one who takes action first wins.
Batiskaf Consulting not only develops a strategy, but also implement it into the company and demonstrates initial results.

Advantages of Batiskaf Consulting:
• Experts – the best among the top-managers carrying on a business in Uzbekistan.
• Mentoring – from the representatives of Uzbekistan business leaders.
• Implementation – a specialist does not only develop a strategy or train the staff, but also implements it together with business customer’s management.
• Flexibility – a team of expert is selected for a particular project and can be replaced during its accomplishment, plus a client can take a service depending of necessary size.
• Complexity– wide profile consulting services: beginning from a trade mark development to operational management
• Unique methodology – native assessment (of preliminary company analysis) and controlling methodologies related to project implementation and experts involvement.

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Adress Temur Malik street, 146, «TechnoPlaza» IBC
Phone +99871 200-70-04
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TEAM University is a university that will raise graduates with a systematic and entrepreneurial mindset, aimed at mentoring the most competitive and technologically advanced alumni who will be able to create startups in the future and roll out domestic products and services to foreign markets.

The London South Bank University or LSBU is its UK partner university.

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Adress 146, Temur Malik str.
Phone +998 71 200 20 60
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Service areas:
• Social Media Marketing
• Digital strategy
• Production
• Design
• Marketing

GIF3 staff members have brilliant expertise in both performance marketing and creative strategy design.

• We ensure brand awareness
• We work not for coverage, but for customers
• We encourage sales

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Adress 18/1, Aybek str. (Atrium bc.)
Phone +998 90 975 00 25
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UzAUTO Leasing

At present UzAuto Leasing offers individuals and corporate bodies favorable terms related to leasing and vehicle financial lease, in particular:

 project consideration within 2 hours;
 secure objects of leasing and financial lease;
 only 2 types of documents required;
 no deposit;
 flexible repayment schedule;

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Adress 7/27, Yangi Sergeli str.
Phone +998 71 200 45 44
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